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Tech House House

What musician in his right mind would name himself after two vegetables? Maybe the sort of artist who has not only decided to make them his chief source of nourishment but also subscribes to the metaphor of a tasty yet at times contrasting potpourri, a heady mix in which seriousness is often overpowered by a sense of humour verging on the absurd. Lateral and forward-thinking, always searching for new approaches, yet with a latent tendency to pedantry – this generates a degree of tension that invests experiences, situations, insights and feelings with a unique musical language which comes across as natural and authentic, occasionally mannered and elaborate but often highly direct and blunt.
Kraut’n’Rübn is no newcomer to the music scene. Under another pseudonym – Mr. Lettuce – he has occupied a prominent position in the regional drum and bass landscape for more than a decade, both as a DJ and a producer. It all began with a seedling project – Weckruf Chemnitz (Wake up, Chemnitz!) – the purpose of which was to demonstrate that the city offers ample opportunities for young creatives to break new ground and get involved in the local sub and club culture. This initiative also saw the birth of another alter ego for the artist whose focus was now on house, techno, breakbeat and dubstep – Hr. Schit. In this new incarnation, he branched out into a highly personal style of party music that bore fruit in the Bambule series.
In late 2010, Hr. Schit then reinvented himself as Kraut’n’Rübn – which from a taste aspect alone has to be a change for the better. Whether composing new tunes or mixing at the turntables, the artist supplies a fine selection of freshly picked unique tracks and DJ sets garnished with plenty of house, minimal and techno in varied flavours. This wholesome dish is spiced up with dashes of different electronic music genres and topped off with a pinch of both classical and world music. A harmonious composition that can be groovy, funky, rough and dirty, sometimes fruity melodic, and sometimes impulsive and playful. These delicacies have been lovingly prepared with the enjoyment of the listener and dancer in mind.

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