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Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico Minimal / Deep Tech Tech House Techno

Mexican Musician and Dj eager to experiment with electronic music.
It is characterized by its distinctive Electronic style, touching and entertaining behind and in front of the stage.
Begins in Music in 2002, throughout his career, reaching maturity in the Techno Scene that allowed him to be in great Parties and Festivals in México, sharing scene with internactional Dj’s and Producers as Andrea Di Rocco(Italy), Min & Mal (Italy), Gaga & Mateo (Hungary) Norman H(UK), Rydel (Holanda), Alex Kvitta ( Fráncfort), Woody McBride (USA), Ruby &Tony (Aca System Nipel) (Israel), Copero (España) National as Alyosha Barreiro, Nortec Collective, Isaac Maya, Sharigrama, Acid Flux, Acid Kit, Hamelin, Ecliptic, Sintoma, Fixeer, Sintonika, Vazik,and more.

A couple of years later he took his first steps in the production of Electronic music, making a selection of programs, finding Reason and the rest is history.

Kragox describes his music as a tendency of powerful beats, with surround sound in an atmosphere that excite your senses to the fullest, always keeping the Techy Techy style. Currently, he is producing Music trying to be placed in national and international labels such as

Manzanita Shift Records,Dance Lab Recordings, among others.

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