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Los Angeles, CA, USA House Progressive House Deep House +4

Jay McCracken (born on August 7) also known by his stage name Kraax, is an American DJ, music producer and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA. Jay is known for his variety of style in music, which ranges from deep house to EDM to progressive house and even minimal. He has worked in numerous venues across the east and west coasts including Next Door Lounge (LA), Eleven (LA), Tabernacle (ATL), Opera (ATL), Wonder World (FL), Marigny (NC), and many others.

In 2007, this bicoastal DJ began his nightlife career promoting and throwing events in Atlanta, GA. Additionally that first year, Jay founded Spiked Entertainment, an online event production agency which hosts other music producers and DJs. Since then he has worked together with some of the greatest entertainers in the world including Lady Gaga, SWV, Maya Simantov, Zayra, and many others.

You might think that’s all for this crafty entrepreneur, but think again. Not only does Jay host events, DJ, and produce music, he enjoys working alongside charitable causes. In the vast multitude of events he’s hosted, at least 50% of them have been geared toward raising money for a special cause. These benefits include the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, GLAAD, Chris Kids, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and more. His handsome looks, vibrant personality and drive for success have turned him into one of the most influential DJs to date.

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