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Aalborg, Denmark House Electronica Indie Dance / Nu Disco +3

If you want a DJ with a crazy angle on how music is supposed to sound, be delievered and heard - Kornum is definitely an act with something up his sleeve.

He has already played at events with renowned names such as: Marc Romboy, Martin Eyerer, Ramon Tapia, Noir, Shemian and Oliver Dahl and a wide variety of local dj-heroes as well like RuneRK, Kenneth Bager, Morten Breum and the usual suspects from the dj-collective SIMPEL which Kornum also has been a part of for many years. SIMPEL also got nominated for several "Danish Deejay Awards" and was considered to be amoung the elite of danish parties for several years.

Born in Aalborg in 1983, Kornum has only been dj-ing seriously for a few years, but almost ten years ago, Kornum had his first dj-gig at a minor school party. At the time the passion was solely on electronica and more "down-to-earth" genres. This is were the longtime passion for music became more than a passion.

Since the beginning Kornum has always had a uncompromising style. Always looking to stand out and be different is one of the ethos of Kornum and he always strive to be one step ahead of the audience - making any next track impossible to predict! The only thing you can expect is the unexpected.

Kornum is also a diverse dj - if it's a early deep house set or a late techo set - Kornum always delievers. To penpoint the most precise genre-definition of Kornum would be almost impossible, but within the many varietes of house and techno and you're as close as your gonna get without ever knowing what's next.

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