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Konnekt aka Tone Chaser

San Francisco, CA, USA Breaks Electronica / Downtempo Minimal / Deep Tech Deep House

Michael Harms aka Konnekt
(HotNHeavy/MegaSonic/IceCreamBeach - San Francisco, California U.S.A.) -

Michael Harms aka The Tone Chaser is a Producer, Music Engineer, and Artist living in San Francisco, California. Konnekt has been cultivating and refining his sound since 1994 which can best be described as a direct reflection of the rich musical influences that have shaped who he is as a Listener and Artist
Konnekt owns and operates MegaSonic a mix & mastering house. Having an acute ear for Music, Michael lends his talent as a mastering engineer where he has great influence in the last step of a song or a tracks artistic process. As an engineer Konnekt is quickly gaining a reputation for leaving a sonic fingerprint

As an engineer, Konnekt has worked with Influential Artists around the globe such as Udachi, Mak & Pasteman, Samo Soundboy, Clicks & Whistles, Rico Tubbs, Tanka, and many more. As for Labels Hot N Heavy Recordings, LS2, Party Like Us, Bass = Win, Trouble & Bass, Car Crash Set and BodyHigh are just a few of the labels that he has worked with closely

Currently Konnekt is working on a new single for Hot N Heavy Recordings while shaping his Future at MegaSonic. Just back from in the mix from a horrific Brain Surgery Michael still plans to release a Future Club Music related Podcast or a Radio Show which will display his love for music and hopefully this will give everyone a small glimpse into what is his future. Beside his studio projects and work at MegaSonic, He co-operates Hot N Heavy Recordings with his partner Commodore 69 focusing on and representing underground music in it's many shapes and forms.

Late this Summer Michael plans to launch his own Label/Imprint Ice Cream Beach which will touch on the more languid & Eclectic side of the Music he loves made by a core of Producers dedicated to the Movement! --> *

*For Information regarding Bookings, MegaSonic contact: and for Ice Cream Beach or Hot N Heavy Recordings please contact:



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