Key Commands

Koda Kill

San Diego, CA, USA Progressive House House Electro House

Andrew Farr & Christian Buelna formed in the spring of 2011, the members of Koda Kill first came together over a shared love for dance music. Deeply interested in the culture, sounds, and
studio techniques of the American EDM revival, they each brought a unique insight that would prove to be critical to their success as a crew. Within a year they had played beside artists like Figure, Cold Blank, and Calvertron, caught the ear of industry-heavyweight and Rising Music founder Chris Lake, and released collaborations with LA electro up-and-comers NO BODY. 2012 would see them perfecting their production technique, launching concurrent musical ventures (such as Sadies Bens, recently signed to Plasmapool), and chasing every opportunity the cosmos brought them. Looking forward, the possibilities seem limitless. But there’s one sure thing: Koda Kill will be rocking dance floors, perfecting their grooves, and loving every second of the experience for a long time to come.

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