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Kloud nin9 (Glitchy.Tonic.Records)

Montreal, QC, Canada Psy-Trance

Voyaging 3,000 miles from Orange County, Kloud nin9 has plummeted into Montreal's underground psychedelic trance scene with full throttle adrenaline. In 2011 she began this mystical journey by hopping on board with Logic Vision Records in Canada as a label DJ and Artist, while only a year after signing on with Glitchy.Tonic.Records in Germany as a label DJ and Promoter.
Besides destroying the dance floors of North America, she discovers more talent behind her productions- releasing tracks on Dark Progressive VA's with Glitchy.Tonic.Records and Sangoma Records. Koud nin9 plans to have her first EP ready for release in 2013 on Glitchy.Tonic.Records. Aside from Dark Progressive, she is involved with a Dark Psy/HiTech project (Another Psyde Records/Logic Vision Records) called Orion's Belt. Along side of her in this project is Hagy Caetano (Hashx) and Dennison Souza (DJ Chaos), both residing in Brazil.

Her main forms of inspiration come from the magic of everyday life. In her early teens, she swam through the frequencies of ska, punk rock, psychedelic symphonic rock, reggae, classic rock, hardcore, and acoustic music. Her musical background consists of a few years behind the piano and sitting at a drum set, having also experienced singing soprano in choir. She strives to incorporate hints of both ominous and harmonious melodies with deep textured grooves into all of her mixes and productions.
She feels that art and beauty resides within the beholder, and with this she brings her sounds to a new level of communication to ignite fire into the hearts of those who turn an ear to close their eyes and listen. Light and sound are information, and in love she creates and manifests transformative material to aid others in their own metamorphosis. Her musical inspiration come from artists such as Merkaba, Radioactive.Cake, Kashyyk, Kabayun, Hypogeo, Otkun, and many more.

Stay tuned to catch Kloud nin9 in action at the biggest psytrance festivals around the world.

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