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Klik Klak (Tiger Records)

Germany Electro House Progressive House Tech House +1

Are you Kilk Klak too?
Since 2009 the DJ Producer duo under the Klik Klak helmets have been harvesting a lot of attention in Clubland. After over a decade of international Hits and remix work for many international artists the time has come to put this experience and talent to use in a new crazy and unique Project called Klik Klak.

The unique sound and visual aspect of Klik Klak have not only allowed them to remix some of the biggest global Club players, for example DBN, Micha Moor, Niels Van Gogh, Jean Elan to name but a few who have caught the Klik Klak bug, but they have within a very short time played some of the top premium Clubs around the world and are seen on a regular basis at such large events like Loveparade Club Tour and various Festivals.

After the first singles "Are You Klik Klak" and "Shaki" produced together with the rising Star Tujamo the crazy guys under the helmets have found their home at Tiger Records, after the release of „Comic Rodeo“ via Tiger Rec. Follows the club smasher "POW!" which promptly landed in the Beatport top 100 (Electro)

Be different, be crazy, be Klik Klak.

Klik Klak - Shake
Klik Klak – Pow!
Klik Klak – Comic Rodeo
Klik Klak & Tujamo – Shaki
Klik Klak – Are You Klik Klak

Nuff! & General Tosh – Pullover2k12
Yenson – My Feeling
Jean Elan – What It Takes
Niels Van Gogh & Armin Prayd – On
DBN – Intergalactic Move
Micha Moor – Tonight

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