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Philadelphia, PA, USA Electronica / Downtempo Electro House Hard Dance Progressive House +5

kit·ty pae
kitē pā
def= A feminine* touch to the #EDM World; feline*;

def= having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, esp. delicacy and prettiness;

def= of, relating to, or affecting cats or other members of the cat family;

KITTY PAE is an unsigned artist with big dreams. Playing piano since 4 years old, her passion in music started at an early age. Gaining multiple music scholarships starting at Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music in Nashville when she was 12 then at Jenkintown Settlement Music School near Philadelphia, many recognized her talent and ability to move people through her classical performance in piano. Since then she has attained a degree in Bioengineering at Penn State but her passion in music had never left...

After years of living as a clinical programmer she continues to pursue her interests in the music industry. Combining her current technical skills and early training in classical theory and piano performance has morphed her interest into electronic music production creating her own contemporary & classical fusion in the electronica genre.

All of her works are created only using a midi keyboard and computer software called Ableton Live. Many of her songs demonstrate her ability in creating stories and imagination through harmonization and contrasting melodies using computer generated instrumentals and sounds. "A little goes a long way, as it does in classical composition," she says. "I like keeping the theme simple, but making it powerful using a little bit of music theory and imagination." And finally ending with her favorite quote, "Music is the language of all God's children" so let's make some friends and play some tunes to the world.. Email at or visit for more information.

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