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Kid Vibes

Progressive House Chill Out House +1

In the world of production gets when he was just 14 years old, and that is when he also reveals the structure and concept of music. In the year 2001 Kid Vibes starts collaborating with various hip-hop artists and while making instrumentals for them, he develops the skill of music production. During that period, he was lurking around through many studios and there he meets with professional producers and studio equipment. In 2004 he starts recording of his first demo album which he finishes by the middle of 2005.During 2006-2007 he did many songs and remixes by various music hits. Being in love with house music melodies, in 2008 he decides to commit himself completely to production of electronic music. 2009 brings many positive critics to his remixes and soon appear in many big clubs and radio stations. Since then, Kid Vibes stays in his studio working without any serious self promotion.

Summer 2010 brings a huge hope for prosperity of his music, as he was offered a serious contract that would ensure a gigantic step forward. Yet, unexpected turn of events delayed it and put it on hold. In March 2011 his first EP was released under the name Night FM EP. After that release, he produced track “How Do You Like It” with Justin Case. This track gets a high rank on top-lists, collects a huge number of positive comments and begins to shake European clubs and radio stations. At the beginning of May 2011, Kid Vibes started his own record label Night FM Records and underwrites musicians from all over the world. The first release was his original track "Night FM".

New releases are out, one of which is Tropical Vol. 1 noticed and had a positive feedback. Until the end of 2011 he keeps on the good work, wins on one competition for the best remix and releases the track "Balkan Sound".

He started 2012. with the song "Timeline" which represents combination of modern progressive house and retro melodies. Just after that, he released track "Midnight". This track found place on ten chillout / lounge music compilations. Soon afterwards, one of the American lables released the track "Story". During the summer, track "Long Summer" is released, winning many positive critics.

September 2012. has been marked with track "After Life" and collaboration with world wide known reggae artist Honorebel, from whome he gets an offer to remix his single "Strip Search". Now, some critics say this remix is even better than the original.

Track "Circles" in collaboration with D&Z has been released in October 2012. This track took 1st place on Top 100 Progressive House Tracks for more than three weeks and 10th place on Overall list.

In the end of 2012. he released track "Catch Me" and chill-house track "Morning Sun" (released on two compilations), collaboration with Nemanja Kostic on track "Blue Velvet" and another one with D&Z on track "Blue Eyes". At the beginning of 2013. Kid Vibes wins on two worldwide competitions for the best remix and finds his place on a few compilations "Night FM Records – The Annual 2012", "The Best Of Green House" and "Miami 2013 Anthems – Deep House".

In April 2013 he released track "Ocean Blue" on the compilation "Croatia – The Opening 2013" among the biggest music producers in the world such as Chris Reece, EDX, Dinka, Stan Kolev, Nora En Pure, Passenger 10, etc. Track "Blue Eyes" is coming on compilation "Progressive House! Vol. 3" and collaboration with Sale Sax on beautiful chillhouse tune "Flying Emotions". Summer 2013 comes with strong melodic progressive house track "Blood Diamond" and another release for "Circles" on compilation "MMR Beats The Summer".

September 2013 comes with another big offer for Kid Vibes, to make official remix for song "Seize The Night", performed by Pitbull and Honorebel.

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