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Kids In Da Business

Los Angeles, CA, USA Dance Hip-Hop / R&B Indie Dance / Nu Disco

Kids In Da Business, also known as KIDB, is an electronic dance pop trio based in Los Angeles. Formed in the late hours of the evening after a night of partying, Matt Ross, Joe DeRoin McGrath and Kevin Bearchell decided to hit up the studio with absolutely no direction whatsoever. Little did they know, they were about to make the greatest pop song ever created in the history of mankind, ‘Forever’. The second they finished the mega-hit, (which, to be honest, took like 3 hours of work total), they bounced a copy and were blasting it through their car’s speakers windows down in the streets of LA. At 3am in the morning. But they didn’t care; and they knew anyone who heard the song, albeit in the middle of their sleep, wouldn’t care either. Actually, those people would be pleasantly surprised that they were woken by such an amazing song.

Naturally, KIDB had to make more music. It’s just who they are. It’s in their soul. Fast forward a few weeks and the Kids were in the studio again, messing around with some synthesizers and whatnot, when they stumbled upon the groundwork of their next smashing hit, ‘Tonight’. And just like before, with their creative minds in action, they finished the song in a mere 3 hours. Simply astonishing.

Now at this time, Matt, Joe and Kevin were quite raw in this whole music-making business. Production. Writing. Mixing. Mastering. All of that. But they knew that with time came experience and with practice came perfection. It also helped that they all were Music Industry Majors at the University of Southern California (fight on!), learning from some of the most renowned professionals in the music business.

After creating ‘Forever’ and ‘Tonight’, KIDB decided it was best to experiment and stretch the definition of Pop. Also, their lyrics had been relatively clean up to this point, and it was time to appeal to an older audience (AKA, time for some explicit material). Thus, ‘Champagne’ ensued, influenced by the hip-hop and electronic music that is on the radio all the time. On a side note, Joe, Matt and Kevin love champagne. They love sipping from the bottle after that nice, crisp pop when it’s opened. They love shaking up champagne bottles and spraying them everywhere. And if they need a drink with their breakfast, do you know what they always order? That’s right. Mimosas. I’m sorry Bloody Mary’s, but it’s just a fact that mimosas are better. Ok, back to KIDB. After the completion of ‘Champagne’, KIDB knew they had a 3-song EP ready and that the world needed to hear it asap. So they threw together the cover art, signed up on a few music sites here and there, made the Facebook page and announced the release of their self-titled EP, Kids In Da Business.

The train was just starting to roll, and even though Matt left for a few months on a worldwide tour with some pretty famous people, Kevin and Joe kept the engine running by releasing 2 singles in the meantime. The first single they released is an electric dance anthem titled ‘Where’d The Night Go?’. You know that old saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’? That’s basically what this song is about. Funny thing about this song actually. The Kids were looking for a female singer to sing the hook, but were having trouble actually finding one. Joe urged Kevin persistently to record it, but Kevin just laughed at the thought of recording at such a high pitch. Then, on a random day in the studio, their good friend Taylor Ellis jokingly sang into a live auto-tuned mic and it was like magic to their ears. They had found the golden voice they were looking for.

The second single ‘My Party - Come Out’ is just as much of a dance anthem as ‘Where’d The Night Go?’. If you’re paying attention, you can sometimes hear the ‘Forever’ synth melody mixed in. At the time the instrumental was created, Joe can be quoted as saying ‘This is best song we’ll ever make”. He says that about every song they make. By this time, Joe and Kevin had successfully steered the KIDB ship straight into the island of Dance Music and they weren’t leaving anytime soon.

With Matt back from his trip, Kids In Da Business worked hard and mightily in the studio on their next EP, Radio Friendly. Every track on this album is a banger, but the one track that really stands out is ‘Malibu Mansions’, a Katy Perry-influenced beach summer jam inspired by the many trips down PCH to Malibu. KIDB loved having Taylor on ‘Where’d The Night Go?’ and they were blessed to have been introduced to Taylor’s good friend, Ruchika Advani. She absolutely kills it on the hook and the track wouldn’t have been the same without her.

After a quick party hiatus, Joe, Matt and Kevin knew it was time to get back in the studio. The world was waiting and they were ready to take that step to the next level. They had a much better understanding of how to produce, mix and master at this point, and were ready to exhibit their talent. With a little help from their close friend Peter Go!, who has always been there to help out before, they released the Dreamworld EP, a 4 track electronic explosion of musical energy that is sure to blow your mind.

With that being said, Kids In Da Business will continue to make music for the masses and you can pretty much guarantee that whatever they release next, you’ll enjoy it.

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