Key Commands

Kevin Aleksander

United States Chill Out Progressive House Drum & Bass +3

2013. A year that Russian music producer/remixer Kevin Odnoralov, will never forget. With the release of his bootleg of Jesus Culture – Break Every Chain, Kevins’ musical career started to gain momentum. His bootleg has been aired on radio in multiple countries and spun by various Christian Djs such as: Transform Djs, Goshen Sai, SonarZone, J-3, eXecutive Decision, and many more. Colorado native, Kevin Odnoralov, grew up beside a musically talented family. Being only a few years old, he was found creating rhythmic drum patterns out of the pots in pans in his mothers’ kitchen. As the years went by, a fire began to grow inside of him. A passion for the ivory covered 88-keyed instrument consumed his heart. At the age of 9, Kevin began to take piano lessons. With 4 years of lessons, he began to venture into the world of composing. From small jingles to complex compositions, Kevin was showing the world what was infused in his DNA. 7 years later, Kevin uploaded his first produced track on the Internet. Now at 19, Kevin has been producing and remixing music for the glory of God. His productions range from dramatic soundtrack scores to energetic club bangers. With his whole life ahead of him, Kevin seeks to find the sound that has been in him before the foundations of the earth were laid.

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