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Ken Kong

Stockholm, Sweden Techno Progressive House House +10

Kenneth Helenius is a man of many sounds, he got into DJing at the age of 17 as well as he started of as a small event promoter during the same period. In other words this is a man with duality of class!

Kenneth is today more known as Ken Kong, with a carrer and background from his other projects placed in the Psytrance genre. With his earlier other aliases Frozencat and Skoll he have reaped great success in several continents all over the globe, traveling to country’s such as Israel, Belgium, Finland, UK ,Polen, and even Thailand and the Philippines in far east Asia where he pulled of a 6 month tour (in late 2011, early 2012) where played at several of the top notch clubs (Club La Luna, Thailand and Club Juliana, Philippines) and also the grand well known LED CLUB in Bangkok, Thailand.

During his adventures while passing through all possible styles and sound “Ken” gained massive support as the peoples choice award winner in Talenhouse remix contest with Cypress Hill! -With a smashing club killer remix Ken charmed the people and found himself to have expanded in his skills of diversity.

Today he’s grown in every way, at the age of 27 he once more past on the an other genre and found him self to really appreciate House and Electro, and with confidence he merged this genres and added layers of progression consisting of progressive beats and monstrous bas. As Ken Kong he’s been bussy, with 5 releases/remixes since 2012 and one more forthcoming on FSOS Records™ everyone can expect this man of creativity to reach high amongst the stars, but what to expect from a man who have had over 10 active years in the scene?
December 2012 he started hes own record label Dirty Pitch Record based in Stockholm and Bangkok.

And the best part to realize is that this is just the beginning chapter of Kenneth’s next possible success Ken Kong!

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