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Karl Sav

Kassel, Germany Glitch Hop Breaks

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One of Australia’s leading exports in the broken beat world, and now after an 18 month stint in Denver USA, is now based in Mannheim, Germany - Karl Sav was listed by Beatport as one to watch in 2009 and has been DJing and producing electronic music since the early “naughties”. Infusing heavy basslines with atmospheric funk, his debut release on Erase Records from Greece led to signings with Unstable Label and Re:connect records in the UK and a release on seminal Australian label Destination (whose club night Karl was also resident DJ at from 2006 to 2009.)

Karl Sav has remixed some of the biggest names in dance music ; Myagi, Calvertron, Signal Drivers, High Eight, WoNK, Mars, and Mesmer as well as Australian bands “The Falls” and “Calerway” who
featured his remix of “Imaginary Friend” on their debut album, Midnight Mercenaries. He has received airplay from some of breakbeat’s biggest hitters; Future Funk Squad, Hedflux, Dopamine and Elite Force as well as playing alongside other forerunners of the scene; Krafty Kuts, Skool of Thought, Breakfastaz, Chris Carter, Future Funk Squad, Kraymon, Friendly, Klaus Hill, DJ Mutiny, Dopamine , Baobinga, ID, Groove Diggerz, Jhz, Antiform, Mesmer, Hedflux, and Phil K.



Karl Sav - Hang One Minute (Erase Records)
Karl Sav – Funkenstein (Unstable Label)
Karl Sav – No Doubt (Re:Connect Records)
Karl Sav & Signal Drivers – Eggs Raided (Destination Records)
Karl Sav & Joules Fine – High Intensity (Unstable Label)
Karl Sav – Robotic Melodic – High Intensity
Karl Sav – Soundfeer (Strontium Records)
Karl Sav & Roxright – Jonny Five (Strontium Records)
Karl Sav – Infector (Strontium)
Karl Sav – How I Roll (Scarcity Records)
Karl Sav & Beta – Iron Peach (Ayra)
Karl Sav & Beta – New Life (Ayra)
Karl Sav & Beta – BK3 (Ayra)
Karl Sav & Beta – Peytons Bassface (Ayra)
Karl Sav – Hach (track included on the LOT49 “Take Miami” Compilation 2013)
Karl Sav – Bone Marrow (AUX Recordings)
Karl Sav – Big Kat (Scarcity Records)
Karl Sav – Blue (Scarcity Records)
Karl Sav & David Salgado - All I Want (Rump Shaker Records)

Signal Drivers – Widgety Dub (Karl Sav Remix) (Destination Records)
The Falls – Never (Karl Sav Remix) (Unstable Label)
That Girl Dj – Mi Casa Su Casa (Karl Sav Remix) (Reconnect Records)
The Wrongstars – Freakshow (Karl Sav Remix) (Unstable Label)
Calerway – Imaginary Friend (Karl Sav Remix) Destination Label)
Sidel – Tech You (Karl Sav Remix) (KDB Records)
Calvertron – Turn it Up (Karl Sav Remix) (Destination Label)
WoNK – Nasty Dog (Karl Sav Remix) (Destination Label)
Mars – Samuari (Karl Sav Remix) (XSSR Records)
Myagi – Thug (Karl Sav Remix) (Pop n Lock Records)
Mesmer – Le Food Feud (Karl Sav Remix) (Scarcity)
K Lab + Funkdamunk – McFly was a Raver (Karl Sav remix) (3rd place Empathy Records Remix competition)
Forufreezer – Floating Balloon (Karl Sav Remix) (InBloom Records)
Phase Animator – Less Sedate (Karl Sav Remix) (Box Set Records)
Kostas G – Fate (Karl Sav Remix) (AUX Records)
Growler – Skintillator (Karl Sav Remix) (Box Set Records)
Paranoid Androidz – Ghost of Jupiter (Karl Sav Remix) (Scarcity)
Chaos Theory & BBK – How Many Times (Karl Sav Remix) (Breakz are Boss)
Evgeny Minin – Gravitation (Karl Sav Remix) (RUNE Recordings)
Beatslappaz – Lets Go (Karl Sav Remix) (Rumpshaker Records)
Vandal & MKR – Plasmatik (Karl Sav Remix) (Benefit Records)
Olux & Teknizm – Modern Stalking (Karl Sav remix) (Empathy Records)
Raggapop Inc – Smiling Buddha (Karl Sav Remix) (VIM Recordings)
AMB – Bangers & Mash (Karl Sav Remix) (Empathy Records)
Abdomen Burst - Shine (Karl Sav Remix) (Scarcity Records)

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