Key Commands

Justin Ringham

Isle of Man Deep House House Indie Dance / Nu Disco +1

Having spent years clubbing at some of the best parties round the world, in 2002 I made the decision to move to the other side of the DJ booth and take my love of music a step further than just listening & dancing to it.

I started with turntables & vinyl, progressed on to CDJ's but now i'm a full digital setup. Used Ableton for a while but found it wasn't for me so I moved on with Traktor Pro & my VCI 100 Arcade. Now I'm usin solely the Kontrol S4 & Kontrol X1 with Traktor 2.5 but lookin to integrate my Maschine along with TouchAble on my iPad into my live setup.

Gettin back into production and hopefully people will like it, I'm a work in progress still a long way to go till I'm happy with my work completely.

Had my first release on Sin Factory Records & have future releases with them, Crossworld Vintage & About House Records. I also have a remix coming out of 5G Records. I would like to thank them all for releasing my work

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