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Julio Bartra

Lima, Peru Deep House Tech House House Progressive House +1

Born in Lima, Peru, 1988; Julio Bartra grew up listening to bands of disco, soul and funk genres.
Then he discovered house music through the initial influence of genres had heard since childhood.
He has always been fascinated by a wide range of musical styles; in his early years listening to electronic music was influenced by the innovators of techno and minimal sound, which was then decided to make electronic music and learn all about the music that inspired so much.
Now he´s adding a much stronger bassline and giving a shade more cyclical, with a fusion of many more melodies with technominimalhouse groove that characterize his electronic parties.
Julio Bartra is a young DJ-producer who is doing all delirious with powerful new sounds and rhythms.
Surprising the underground and movement of people from South America and the world, who know all the talent of this young DJ.
Today Julio Bartra has a wide variety and compositional technique, comprising forms of experimental music to popular forms of house music.
He has performed in the nightclubs as Carpe Diem, DeVoleto, Elemental Bar, etc.. playing with international DJs such as Saul Nieto (ESP), Ivan Soul (COL), HIRO (GLASGOW), RIVA STAR (UNITED KINGDOM), JD DLIGTH (ITALY), ADDAME COLLECTIVE (ITALY), DANNO DEEP (ROMANIA) and peruvians Dj's Like Renzo Saba, Oscar Bohorquez, Israel Vich, Juan Camilo Caldas, Oscar Schwarz, Brian kenny, Samir Mirte, Augusto Siles, Paul Trelles, Dj Maro, etc.
He´s doing at raves parties and moving strongly on radio stations of Rusia (, Italy ( and in his local radio ( from peru.

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