Key Commands

Juke Ellington

Dubstep House Electro House Electronica / Downtempo +6

in 2005 Juke Ellington begins in music as rapper (under the name of Haro) within the collective La Cronik .
Little by little, he dropped the singing to dedicate itself to the musical production.
In 2010, Mister Ellington begins has to produce various musical styles, among others of Baltimore Club, Ghetto Bass, moombahjuke, Footwork/juke
Influences mainly arise from the hip-hop, but also Chicago House, hardcore, Dubstep, techno, and other ghetto sounds
In 2011 Juke Ellington join CHICAGO UNDERGROUND TEAM.
with Dj Kidriot, DeejayDmas,Dj Pulse,Dj Sype , Dj Blackout & Dj Erodix !
He join HIVEMIND in 2011 too

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