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Diego got interested in electronic music in 2003. influenced by Full Moon celebrations in the Chilean mountains that where organized and produced by the first music collectives which started psychedelic movement in Chile,
After knowing t these celebrations, he became interested in getting to know more of this culture and in 2005 decided to experiment in the art of Djing , which turned into his lifestyle.

From his beginnings until now, he has always tried to channel each audience’s energy, adapting his DJ sets to different times and situations on the dance floors during each presentation. in order to take people on a psychedelic and cohesive journey through the music.
From the beginning of his career he has also been involved in different collectives that aim to support and organize different type of events such as indoor parties or Festivals.
One of them is “Andes Extreme Rave” ( one of the most important underground festivals in Chile, produced by “Humanos de Andromeda Crew”, a group of freaks that dedicate to promote non- profit psychedelic culture, the same way as the first tribes who started this movement in the Andes Mountains.

He has performed at different countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and in the most important parties and festivals of his home country.
Apart from Djiing, he is currently working on his new live act (Sumerian Droids) which aims to try new and more progressive beats compared to his DJ sets that are focused on a deep psychedelic line.

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