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Juan Lombardo

Mercedes, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina Tech House Deep House House

Argentina. Dj and Electronic Music Producer. Excelled in the genre of Deep House. His launching in Deep Nota Records (NY) was the beginning of a process leading to mark his own style within the genre. He has signed with various labels around the world, Low Pressings, Digitalma, TMR, Waldliebe Familien, Slowpitch, Deep Nota, Wasabi Recordings. His music has been recognized and / or executed by artists Hideo K., R. Hawtin, S. Uysal, D. Mehes, A. Smart, J. Juno, E. Ulusoy. As a DJ his career began at the age of thirteen. He has also specialized in playing electric bass in a rock trio until 2002 when he began studying Music Production at Ceartec Buenos Aires. Also in 2009 he studied Advanced DJ and Music Production at Escuela Sonica and in 2010 he started his main studies in EMBA where he adquired great knowledge of electronic music. He learnt to play vinyls perfectly and run any type of setup. In 2011 he participated in many outdoor private events in his country town of Mercedes, highlighted by warm-up sessions with fine, happy sounds full of groove. He prepared the dancefloor for great local artists as well as international ones. He has also played his sessions in Ableton Live and has scored underground clubs in Buenos Aires. His main stylistic influences are the house groove, funk, hip hop, tech sounds and progressive environments. The forthcoming years are the major challenge and an opportunity to continue growing and transmitting his music. His basis for personal and artistic development is work, responsibility, persistence, willingness, capacity and desire for autocritical ability and self-improvement. Undoubtedly, these values are reflected in each of his productions over time. Therefore, he is looking forward to a new year full of work and success.

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