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BIOGRAPHY as a veteran DJ.I started in 1990 as a dj spinning tracks on dream fm as part of the management I was keen to help people like myself to change the face of music in the uk in the underground seen as a pirate station the funny thing about it at the time I could not mix at all and I was a amazed when I saw the likes of dj exodus and natty bass line playing happy hardcore and early jungle mixes and I wanted to be like them so I would do the grave yard shifts so I could learn how to mix .
So where was I, oh yes something had to break so one day it did, and me and Jason did spin back, and had a argument on matters relating how he was treating the DJ’s so I left dream and started my own station crystal fm. Allot of the dj’s who was on dream came with me and a lot of them was doing the same thing as I was.
Which I could say was a mistake on my part, but I was adamant about my feelings about people that I came to respect and admire and I should not of been treated in such away for one man’s dreams of being a time dj and not thinking of the others who was trying to make a mark them self’s as in a team working to gather.
So when I started crystal of it went well, and we made a big impact as at the time it we was on par with kool fm, and the djs were happy, but one more thing is the mc’s on the station was some of the best in London , you not know what I’m saying and think what are you talking about, but in my book two names still stand out even today in 2012 ,there names is mc skiperde and mc Paul Lipton as my dear friends still says to me when they meet him in a event where they are mc’ing at, they say jt if it wasn’t for you I would of not be here today you was my founder . The reason they say this to me is I done something which seemed odd at the time for owners of a radio station which was to let them go to another station and not ban them from doing so, it was all part of how my mind works as everybody should be given the opportunity to make something of them self’s in life.
But it was unfortunate that I could not keep the station going so I had to close it down but still it was good times for me and I still keep in touch with a lot of the djs and mcs and I came to call friends.
World with in a world
The word in a word is what I call the gay seen. The reason for this is I moved away from the jungle and D&B seen as I lost a good friend as in Stevie high per Dee who had a heart attack and died on stage, something was lost to me and I stopped playing jungle and drum and bass. So for a long time I put down my head phones and just carried on with life.
Then one night a dear friend of mine phoned me and said can he see me as he was in distress, I was thinking what’s wrong with you. So he came round and we chatted and his name is dj hustler and he tuned round and said to me I’m gay, what I said to him, which I think funny even today, ok and what, so you are gay that means nothing to me you ll always be my friend no matter what anyone says.
This may seem long winded to you but to me it’s not. When he said to me jt come out to one of the clubs he was going to, I was reluctant to at first, but I went and the shock I got was being afro Caribbean, you come to think it’s just the white people who are gay, but when I walked in to queer nation and I saw the place full up with black people it opened my mind, but the music was banging, the house music was pumping and he said jt you should start to dj again. So I went home and had a think, and had a chat with my mum and dad and they said he was right you should start again. I got a lot of attention as I had a gay friend, but not in that way hhahah , but by the people I met. And soon I was djing at a lot of gay clubs in London and a broad and I’ve never looked back since.
The system
The system I’m talking about is the DISCOHUSTLERS which was founded by me and dj hustler in 2006. As a small sound system we just done a lot of parties for friends of ours and so on but a friend of a friend came and asked, would we play in the Notting hill carnival for him at his pub, it was a dream I’ve had since I was a youngster to play there and of course I said yes.
By this time electro house was starting to make head way in the music seen so in 2007 we played at the carnival as an unofficial sound and of course we made an impact there, and blocked the road. The following year we done the same thing and it was a road block again, but we got on the wrong side of B.A.S.S. because we was not a member, which in hand controls the sound systems that play in the carnival. So I started to try my best for us to get into bass but at first I had no luck and in 2008 they shut us down, but still I would not give up and in 2009 we became members of bass and was given the site on powis square and the crowds are getting bigger every year, each time we play there.
Dj skills
When I started it was just turn tables.
But I’ve progressed to using cds and went on to be a digital dj as in using traktor scratch pro dj and two controllers and effects, so if I us all my kit which is a korg kp3 pad efx 1000 s4 controller the sounds I make are unbelievable which I may say are cutting edge . Plus I’m a remixer of tracks to suit myself.
Well I hope you will read this about my ups and downs of being a dj as it’s just a small part of my life and there is still much to do, till I put down my head phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you wish to book me for events /bars/parties/private functions.
just email me and i get back to you as i can .

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