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Joseph Diel

Italy Techno

Joseph Diel is italian
artist that features a stunning techno interpretation when kick takes control
close to analogue elements from Roland 808 machine. Here Joseph delivers a creepy bass
classic in Berlin rooms by kind of futurist emotion besides robotic environment here
it brings. Vinyl
Collector 70’s,80’s and 90’s He performed with artists such as Vicky Montefusco (Items & Things
Clouded Vision Recordings), Handmade (Tresor.Berlin), ROTCIV (Live at Robert Johnson
/ Ostgut Ton), Jesper Dahlback (Drumcode), Ad
am Beyer (Drumcode), Matador (Minus), Mike Wall
(Wall Music), Miro Pajic (Items & Things), Hintergrundrauschen (Tresor.Berlin), Damon Wild
(synewave), Yooj (retrofit/san francisco), Elie Eidelman (Jack Off, Sweatlodge), Miss Sunshine
(Deeply Rooted, Random
Island/ HR)
Oliver Deutschmann (berghain / mobilee / vidab), Guido
Schneider (diynamic / poker flat / moon harbour), Staffan Linzatti (Searchlights Records/ SE) Pär
Grindvik (Stockholm LTD/ SE) Markus Suckut (SCKT, Figure/ DE) Marcel Heese (Tresor.Berlin) and so many! in 2015 He made the hosting at New Faces Tresor.Berlin with Roberto Scatena as Damage and Now days he founded with TWIST3D the sub label of BUNK3R R3CORDS named SUB RECORDS, He is resident of the party G Day.

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