Key Commands

Jordan Dee

Electronica / Downtempo Electro House Progressive House +2

JORDAN DEE - Producer

Jordan dee is in the world of music since 1983. He was born as musician and singer, playing drum in a local rock band. For many years he’s been in tour around Italy and take part to national challenges with good results that convince him to continue by himself. His passion for musical universe and his polyhedric capacities make of him something more than a musician. He became a disco music passionated and so dj, then he opened up a recording studio of his own, the JOYSOUND STUDIO, where his records saw the light and where he is now sound technician and producer.
Some stuff as “Close to me”, “Angel”, “Star dance”, “Kissing your mind”, “Free time”, “Soul boy remix”, etc. recorded with JT Company, No label, Stereo seven, Clubbin, Sequence, are due to him.
Inside “JoySound” recording studio, the “JoyAncona Project” was built up. It is the result of his experience in musical field that he would make available for musician and not. It offers services such as dj’s courses, home recording lessons, web design, advertising promotion, talent scouting , production and so much more.
While he is doing all, there are lots of projects for the future, but first of all he’s looking for a new sound that diversifies from the same italian sound we’re used to hear.
…And he doesn’t ever forget that playing music means always having fun!


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