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Jona Prado

Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina Breaks Progressive House Glitch Hop +13

Jona Prado was born in Venezuela the 5th of October in 1976. He started
his musical career at the age of fourteen with a Casio Tone keyboard
purchase. As a child he listened to music like Pink Floyd, The Cure and
Police, that were the bands who has motivated him to approach more to
When he was fifth teen years old, Jona traveled to Argentina, country
where he met the guitar personally: an electric Fender Stratocaster to
belong to his brother. After that all was changed for this boy who had
the desire of introduce him-self into the music world, or whatever it
is near to it
Jona worked, one in his life, at the age of seventeen. The money he
could save helped to buy his first electric guitar: a Gibson Les Paul

In that moment he had listening to a Roland mc505 Roland groovebox
sounds,It produced a sonorous and rhythmic break that prepared him to a
new era. Therefore Jona sold everything he had to buy his own Roland.
Without reading any tutorial, he learned to sequence drums, bass,
leads, effects and everything concerned with a sequencer have to offer.
By this mean he learned sequencing at Roland way.

Then, sold the groovebox and bought a pc. He looked up and tried to
achieve all the audio and edition software that he could find. Again,
he practized with that until he could make an electronic music song,
his first song, exclusively made for him. That was all he wanted to do:
his own music. As time went by Jona learned and mastered the music
sequence, based on chords, melodies, bass, etc.
He decided to change his appreciated Gibson Les Paul for an Akai
sampler, which produced another break, it was time to sequence sampler

In a crazy act he made up his mind to buy an 80 Gibson Custom guitar,
another of his life dreams.
After that, Jona friend, a breakbeat producer, proposed him to exchange
the guitar for a Nord Lead 3 synthesizer. He made the trade and proved
the emulated analogy of the synthesis. He could get more equipment and,
with that, he proclaimed him-self as a producer of his own music.
Now, at the age of 33yo, Jona Prado had maturated his musical
production in rock and electronic.that is the way becoming a producer
of him-self and of very different music styles

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