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Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil House Progressive House Tech House +1

Worthy representative of the progressive and tech house gaucho, JOHN SK is relentless in pursuit of his musical and professional improvement, today one of the DJs and Producers of the most admired and respected RS.

Charismatic personality with a strong and sensitive, demanding and versatile musical taste. It is defined so that the artist conveys to the public his impeccable technique and musicality odd.

His sets 'groovados' pass through the House, and progressive strands, with the constant objective and faithful to please audiences.

Divided the pick-ups with major national and international DJs, thus earning the respect of colleagues for their hard work and focused on high quality.

Was within and outside the RS in clubs such as: Botequim Santana, Café de La Musique, Segredo, Meat Club, Kimik, Scooba, Millenium Lounge, Moinho Danceteria, Eleven, Finland Trend House, Apple Club, Usina’s Club, Chairs Resto Lounge, SNK Club, Twins Club, Maori Beach Club, Next Pub, Temaky Express, Quartier Latin, Dusk.

In early 2011 he was invited to be the teacher of 17 ° POABEAT DJs, work that earned him a nomination for Top 50 DJs of 2010 Award by POABEAT, portal showing the best of the year.

John SK believes his professional excellence drives him to perfection, so their dedication is one of the determining factors for your career success and his great future.

Today has been dedicated to the parallel career as a producer and getting great works like the mashups and remixes for White Stripes, Placebo, Nirvana, Counting Crows and Sono.

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