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Córdoba, Spain Techno Minimal / Deep Tech Psy-Trance Trance +8

Juan Gomez - aka - JOHNN DOCTOR. was born in Cordoba in 1977. His passion for music grew at an early age due to his musical genetic from his family, his grandfather played in a big band famous of his city for many years, and that was a great bridge for him to the musical world from an early age, due to the great influence he plays several musical instruments like the guitar, the bass, drums, keyboards and various instruments. was especially attracted to the electronic movement that emerged in the 80s, and with only 10 years of age. he was already experimenting with early keyboards and sequencers at his hands, at 90. he decided it was time to join this movement deeply. He felt it was the best form of expression for him, and with the first computers, he started doing live acts in particular events of friends, along break lines, techno, and ambient, it was a time that he remind with special fondness, because of the novelty in everything, in his hometown his first major event was sharing a cabin with the great artist Cristian Varela and some more recognized artists of that time, that was the very moment where it all began for him performing live acts in many rooms of his hometown and surrounding areas. in 2000 he decided it was time to travel, and meet new musical and philosophical planes on the way, he moved to London, where he lived for a year, working in factories and mixing with vinyls in many parties, he knew very deeply the world of illegal parties in the city, and was particularly attracted to this movement for a long time, countless acts performing live in countless places in England, as in Southport, Birmingam, Cambridge, Liverpool, London, and many other sites, that was really amazing time for him, where he grew up musically in many ways really necessary for him and for his future career, meeting many interesting and important people, and attending many important festivals in that way. after all that time, he decided to move to Amsterdam, where he would begin also very interesting time, he fell in love with the city for the rest of his life, he knew festivals like Robodock, a type of event that did develop his creativity in music.
After 9 years traveling and meeting many places and people he returned to his hometown, mention that during all that time, especially the last four years, he became a professional in the construction work, and returned to home with well-developed profession, the profession he loves deeply.
Now, from his hometown, he is completely dedicated to music production, he is also dj, also you can find some of their best sets and radio shows, and is also doing a project with his brother (T - BROTHERS LIVE ) a show of two hours, pure techno, where they develop all their knowledge and passion for electronic music.
Musician, Producer, DJ, TechnoShowman ... JOHNN DOCTOR has all the qualities needed to shake any room or open air, rattling the senses with sweeping grooves and sounds strong.
are you ready to techno ...??? enjoy it with JOHNN DOCTOR

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