Key Commands

John Doe

St Gallen, Switzerland Dubstep Drum & Bass Reggae / Dancehall / Dub

John Doe was already experimenting with a four-track recorder and a borrowed C64 while in high school, and began shortly after his music career as a Teenage-Keyboarder before becoming the drummer of a local rock band. Since the mid 1990s John’s concern in electronic music genres grew up more and more. First efforts directed him to the amazing fields of DnB. The logical result after a period of strictly playing Rock’n’Roll was the groundbreaking collaboration with NiceNine, founder and member of Bassda, which became and is until the present-day, a very successful live DnB group in Switzerland. Based on these experiences, John developed his production skills further. In 2012, he finally decided to make the results public. And voilà: From the first of January,
John Doe is part of the worldwide growing dubstep-movement.

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