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Joey P (DJ/Producer)

Melbourne VIC, Australia Electro House House Progressive House +1

Joseph Primerano aka dj joey p, started to get himself involved in the DJing business at the age of 16. He is a young and aspiring DJ, always wanting to learn and take that extra step to become better. He has created remixes of songs such as Breathing, Bootlegs and house and club mixes

"I wanted to take a different approach to music and I thought becoming a DJ could help me understand and grasp a better concept of music producing. I just wanted to give it ago and hopefully people will like me as a DJ."

Joey P hopes to move on to something better in the future always looking for a challenge and hopefully inspires others to do the same.

He has DJ'ed alongside TeddyCream Music, Yiannis.A and (Tonic) Deorro at Night School U'18s and will continue to play at more venues!

joey p :)

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