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Melbourne VIC, Australia Glitch Hop Dubstep Drum & Bass

Since 2003, J.Nitrous (James Burchett) has been heading against the grain and shaping his own unique style of music. Hailing from the secluded outback of Australia, J.Nitrous has managed to gain a loyal following of screaming dubstep fans from around the world.

J.Nitrous' most recent musical ventures have driven him to create epic rave-crunk infused monster music. For those who have not yet witnessed a live DJ set from him, you can feel the same intense emotions pouring out of his tracks "Lost On Earth" and his epic remix of "We Are The Dead" by Does It Offend You, Yeah?

In 2010, J.Nitrous gave birth to his own imprint; Hypnosis Recordings which is focussing on releasing and pushing only the best of the best in electronic music. Already creating huge waves with the debut release "Say You Need Me", the label is guaranteed to stand out from the rest. Other artists releasing with Hypnosis Recordings in 2011 are Shakes, SPL, Killswitch, Droid Sector, Boot, Morocha, Matta and more.

The year that the world ends is the year J.Nitrous gives us his best work yet. His EP 'Reach To Forever' has been a long time coming and it will not disappoint. Packed full of high energy, emotive bass music that will keep you dancing and feeling elated every time you here it. 'Reach To Forever' will be released July 9th on Hypnosis Recordings.

Receiving DJ support from the likes of Doctor P, SPL, Flux Pavilion, Excision and many more esteemed artists, you can only expect the best heart stopping music from J.Nitrous.

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