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Jesús Vögel

Berlin, Germany Techno Electronica / Downtempo Dubstep Hardcore / Hard Techno

Jesús Vögel is a polifacetic contemporary artist of the charismatic “spanish-berliner” underground scene of last years. Multidisciplinary producer, remixer, DJ and video-artist mainly, mixing electronic, rock & visual arts, also developer of mixed media designs (as photography, art graphic, drawing, sculpture or writing) & anti-mainstream cultural curator, with a unusual, beautiful and disturbing creative work. Was born in Andalucía (Spain) in winter of ´84, left-hander and with a eclectic revolutionary philosophy, remains a independent audiovisual manipulator, respected multi-media artist & international live performer.

Label Manager of Cremaster Records, in active from the year 2000, has organized and collaborated in the management and diffusion of many cultural events, festivals, concerts, performances, partys, exhibitions of multidisciplinary arts etc. sharing the stage with artists, bands and projects from different countries with very different styles, learning together in synchronicity and mutual iteration. Also live performed and made showcases in museums, Universities, TV, Film Academy, Cultural Centers, Science Parks, Convention & Exhibition Centers, Art Festivals… Having playing in the most important spanish venues & festivals in cities like Cadiz, Sevilla, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Ibiza or Palma de Mallorca, among many others, and exhibited internationally his works in Berlin (Germany), London (U.K.) Paris (France), Buenos Aires (Argentina), La Paz (Bolivia) or New York (EE.UU.).

In early 2012 Jesús Vögel was at 3º position of the Electronic Charts of Reverbnation; a month later is selected artist to play at Red Bull Tour Bus Spain 2012. After a very hard and “intense” relationship of love & hate with Spain, decided move his studio & projects to Berlin (Germany). Currently living in this inspirational city, in few months was playing in some of the most important berliner clubs, like Brunnen70, Prince Charles, Badehaus Szimple or Subland, amog many others. In July of 2012 is invited to participate in the recording of the swedish film "Enjoy The Wind", making his first steps in the big screen debut like actor and collaborator inside this movie production. Also working usually like journalist for some independent magazines, collaborator in a some cultural projects. In the last time has work as curator, composer, editor, producer, remixer & assistant collaborator with others audiovisual experimental artists and also continued his career as innovative electronic multi-media producer.

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