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Jester Rush

Cologne, Germany Techno

Jester Rush was born 1984 in a small town in Germany. Since 1997, Jester is full of passion with the DJ and producer existence. Initially only available in the areas of Hip Hop, Break and BigBeat actively, after he developed more and more an interest in electronic sounds! Since 2000, inspired by various artists from different musical genres such as Amon Tobin,Aphex Twin, Modeselektor, Richie Hawtin,Dave Clarke,NIN or Tool etc. Jester now has found his own style in Minimal, Techno. The way he sets out his mature Sets or also expresses the own productions, are considered to be determined, drifting ahead and, above all, harmonious and independent. Also a good base to work with the audience to celebrate and communicate! Exactly this combination made him one of the most popular DJ..s in the region and gave him an unmistakable note. Jester is none who wants to define in his sound; it is the music in the foreground. He lets his music to live by and it is precisely this philosophy, he tries through his sets to mediate.

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