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Jen & Berry's

Berlin, Germany Deep House Tech House House Funk / R&B +1

Jen & Berry‘s – that is no ice cream, but the young and much discussed Berlin DJ duo. 2010 found each other by accident, Simon and Benedikt merged rapidly to one unit – regarding the music as well as the performance. The one, already active in the scene for a few years, grown up with euro-dance and Dr. Dre hip-hop, the other one, curious experimentalist and great joker. Two totally different people, who create an exciting potpourri of musical emotions and worlds, which finds a far reaching appeal.

Simon, born in the late 80ies, grown up in Berlin, is particularly interested in new, protruding music, but handles classics too. He loves to dive into nightlife and analyses the happening. He is a constant visitor, who does not only listen to the rhytms of techno music since 2005, but does also inspire the audience with his own art of designing a set.

Benedikt, child of the early 90ies and also Berlin-born, is interested in old music most of all. He is a re- gular guest on various flea markets and expands his collection of old vinyl records. Hans Albers, Frank Sinatra or old film soundtracks count to his favourites. He is casting for the particular nature of music, open-minded for new sounds and trying to transform these old ideas into new music elements.

Beside Jen & Berry‘s „Extase Berlin“ belongs to their life tasks too. It is a music basis, which is suppo- sed to assist new underground artists, to mount interesting events and which operates an own podcast, which was allowed to greet guests like Niconé, Jan Blomqvist, Channel X or &ME. Label activities are planned too.

The typical Jen & Berry‘s sound is riddled with minimalistic sounds, maximum tension, deepest dra- matic art, teetering grooves and driving basses. Aside there appear experimental moments throughout, which throw the disco dancer off the course first, induce thinking then and wrap into trance completely at last – so „a colourful mixed techno ice cream, which caters for all tastes“. This sound obliged creators of Kater Holzig (former Bar25) already, as well as former malt factory of Schultheiss beer.

Own productions in the past, such as an edit of „We Are The People“, with big support, or the humo- ristic cocktail „Zellstoff“, led to loud indignations and massive acclaims. In near future the production machinery is supposed to be cranked up even more and to bring additional outputs to light.

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