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JCB (Dmitry Marchenkov), despite the young age became a special guest Dj and producer in Moscow City's dance club Discoteque (75 world position DJ MAG ) and Great Stuff RU, program owner of HyperReality Radio Show.

He has already gained experience in production for famous European labels such as Skint Rec., Baroque Rec., Insert Coin Rec., Wazzup? Rec, Beatfreak Rec.

He is well-acknowledged for his uncompromising style, fresh touch and extravagant performance, which became familiar to many fans of electronic music and world club industry professionals, such as Mark Knight, Hernan Cattaneo, Richie Hawtin, D-Formation, DJ Chus, Sergio Fernandez, Wally Lopez and others.

His dj sets are full of audacity of dancefloor-oriented techno-house in connection with a soulful melodies. Add his talent to share emotions with people on the dance floor to it and you will got a perfect show with a complete music structure and pure emotions!

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