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Jay Cabrales (Stigma Recordings)

Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico Deep House Progressive House Tech House


A self taught musician, multi-instrumentalist , producer and songwriter. At the age of 8 he is introduced to electronic music by one of his family members. He then grew up listening to what it was called back in the mid 80's HI NRG,Industrial,Chicago House , and Acid House, as well listening to some other genres and branches of electronic music. Bands like Front 242 ,Depeche Mode, New Order, Information Society,EMF,Yaz,Conffeti's, ​Julian Jonah and many others helped him to develop his eclectic taste for electronic music.

He produced his first remix for Planet Funk-Inside All The People (Jay Cabrales Remix) and received very positive feedback from international djs around the world. It didn't take too long for his remix to be picked by the renowned international Argentinian dj Ricky Ryan to include his remix in one of his 2011 summer Ibiza Sonica Radio Show, as well Ricky playing that track constantly on his tours. That inspired him to keep going and produce his first release. The Australian record label Stigma Recordings signed his very first EP Quantica in which he received positive feedback and support by international djs and producers like Darin Epsilon, Alec Araujo, Li Polymer, Criss Deeper, VinayakA and many others, as well being broadcasted internationally in radio shows.

At the short age 13 he was taught how to dj by one of his uncles that owned at the time an event company for weddings and private parties in which his uncle also perform as a dj. And at that short age it din't take too long for him to learn the beat matching process, cueing and mixing skills to mix 2 records.

His first contact with the night life and underground scene was in the early 90's at the short age of 14,in his hometown downtown Guadalajara, where his uncle had to pay the bouncer some pesos to let the young Jay Cabrales into the club and have for the first time his first experience in a underground party. Once inside he remember he was blown away and overwhelmed by the great atmosphere, invisible force and beauty of that musical journey that a Dj sharing his passion for music behind the decks created, the scene, the smiles in people's faces, the joy of dancing to the rhythm of the music, influenced him to realized that, this is one of the things he wanted to do.

In the mid 90's his dad bought him a guitar, where with passion and determination he forced himself to learn to play it, and eventually lead him to play in a few alternative rock bands. But always with that tendency and desire for electronic elements and sounds, he submerge himself once again into the underground music scene, reviving his passion for underground house music.

Eventually with his musical knowledge gained by playing in a few rock bands and the experience he achieved he wanted to apply that musical knowledge in electronic music production. It took him a 10 year process to fulfill his dream and passion to produce his own music, nearly a decade ago he bought his first computer and a midi controller, and slowly building his own recording studio, he started to understand the art of music production as for him even though it was a total unknown and alien territory, never lost focus and determination.

And now producing, writing, remixing and re-editing Jay Cabrales is ready to share his love for music and take it to the next level.

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