Key Commands

Javi Sampol

Barcelona, Spain House Techno

On the map of worldwide known FACT shows, promoting the qualitative sound on the best platforms of native Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid, Sydney, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Moscow, Kiev, Novi Sad, Alger, Paris and other club capitals.

Spanish DJ – Javi Sampol, 26 years old Javi, started to inquire the mysteries of electronic sound in 2002, shaping ones unique style and making experiments with house and techno, peppered with his personal multifarious salsa. On the way to conquering the club scene in Barcelona, Javi had the luck to collaborate with one of the best Spanish nightlife promoters – Undrez . Today, Javi Sampol is a young talent who is always looking for new ways to develop his music. His unique and innovative style is making an impact on the European and Australian clubbing scene, he is someone who will have a creative future in electronic music, and you can bet on that.

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