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Jason Tyler

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Jason Tyler

If you've listened to "Teachers" on Daft Punks first album with the drop of the first name Paul Johnson, you will hear who gave Jason Tyler his start in the Indie Dance music scene, not to mention Jason has worked with and recorded with several others off the "Daft List" of legendary artist's.

Jason Tyler brings versatility to the dance music scene as a skillful DJ-producer-trumpeter, delivering savory beats to eccentric taste makers and big room crowds alike with signature mixes that always include fresh tracks from a who’s who of today's top talent, a fusion of improvised trumpet, along with a smattering of his own stellar electronic productions.

Tyler's trumpet stylings not only have graced the recordings and live sets of numerous DJ-producers, but he has definitely made his own mark being the first Dj in the world to combine live trumpet while Djing. 
He has had commercial success with his music being aired nationally for Target and Fox's House M.D.

Jason's approach to music is anything but high-brow. “I enjoy DJing and producing because it makes people dance and gives them an excuse to have a good time,” says Tyler. But it’s his rare ability to appeal to a diverse audience that allows Tyler to transcend natural boundaries with his music and that, Put simply, Tyler’s music makes a lot of people dance.
Jason's new E.P. is coming out early 2012 featuring George Clinton, Bijou Phillips, and Sergio Flores aka Sexy Sax Man.

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