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Jason Moreno

Colombia, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia House Minimal / Deep Tech Progressive House +2


Yeison H. Araque Moreno has born on June 4 1993, in Medellin City – Colombia. Better known as Jason Moreno, Dj and Producer of electronic music, in their field is known how Tech House or House (due to the energy that this kind of electronic music projected). Do not starter with this genre if not with Electro House and Electronic.
Starting how a simple listener of this music, Jason always asked, how? In the field of the electronic music, How to do this? Since this moment emerge a big vocation which was initially undertaken by known mates with knowledge of the Dj field, but not in the production field. With a big purpose in his life, at the twelve years old Jason Moreno began to explore the production of the electronic music without any source to pay for this knowledge, because in his country this study was very expensive, starter basically experiencing with his first sequencer, Fruty Loops, now better know how FL Studio. This empiric study would take around 4 years, without any help. The passion and dedication never missed, in his mind always had an immovable purpose, be one of the best Dj Producers.
At the start of the Jason Moreno works, it was just a simple hobby, but gradually the quality of this works were increasing to be liked of other persons who encouraged him to continue as producer in the field of the music.
Passing of time he was known more people with better experience in this field, one of this was Sebastian Zond, with whom would a group called Afro Disco, their first Track: Portuguese (Original Mix), gradually Jason Moreno continues to climb stairs to get to the top in this exciting genre of music.

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