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Jan Zuen

Paderborn, Germany Deep House Chill Out Electronica Indie Dance / Nu Disco +2

This is the official Beatport-DJ page of the german based DJ „Jan Zuen“.

Jans style in deejaying is a very complex and unique mixture, somewhere between Deep-, Tech-, and House and Techno, between colourfull melodies and straight and powerfull basslines.
But it’s not that easy, Jan Zuen started to be a musician in his early school years. After one year of playing violin, he became part of the local school orchester. Soon, he got success, played in the first violin section, and after that, was asked to play in an higher level orchestra, with concerts in germany, france and england.
In 2008, Jan got in touch with his first House tracks in the local record store. All that records from labels like Defected, CR2 and Stricktly Rhythem, etc. inspired him, so that he soon knew that this was his way to go, and that he had to become a DJ. At that time, this very deep vibe was also comming back to house music, for example with the great tracks by Dennis Ferrer, Solomun und co., which mainly formed Jans style in deejaying and selecting his tracks. Many of this tracks he is already playing, which is a mayor stylistic part of him.
Jan started playing as a DJ in the small bars of his hometown and on the final exam parties of his school class. Within a short space of time, he was asked to play in bars, clubs and discotheks in other cities. In the first semesters of university, we was also going on playing, but soon got the idea of going on further. He played all bars and clubs of paderborn, got a member of the DJ-Collectives "House-Arbeit" and "Electric-Caffe", and was asked to play in Bielefelds Stereo Club for a party called „Mach’s dir selbst!“, which was used to get dj’s in their early years to the audience. Finally, after the second very successfull m.d.s. night, he was asked if he would like to get his own resident party there.
This was the birthday of his now very well known „In The Mix“ partys. The concept is as you can imagine, an all night long mix of all the different styles Jan loves to play. Mostly starting with groovy deep house, going on with straighter house up to some very straight techy shit, coming back to house music and so on.
In 2014, Jan Zuen met Jan Sandforth, and they soon noticed that they booth have the same ideas about house music, and got the idea of playing a party together. In the early days of 2015, they started their now very successfull about:ton night in Stereos Kleiner Klub.
about:ton means although a mixture of different house styles both love, but is structured different, so that Jan&Jan are playing b2b most of the night.
The about:ton although means a big development for jan and his style, too. Till than, he had to play alone the whole night long and design it on his own. Working together with jan, and creating something really great, made him rethink many things, and although growing up in deejaying(now it’s time to say thank you to Jan Sandforth as well!).
For now, Jan is working and creating the In The Mix and about:ton nights, and of course always locking for new experiences.
Jan Zuen uses Traktor Pro and his 4 Decks, together with sampling and creating beats, loops, vocals and so on, live in his sets, and Traktors powerfull studio effects and is although looking to catch new stylistics and new techniques in deejaying, to made his work more unique and experiencing, all of the time. But as you know, the most essential thing in deejaying is playing the right track at the right time. For Jan this means, playing and combining his tracks in new ways all the time and although going through all of the new records every week.

The future looks great – let’s meet on one of Jans partys, you’ll be amazed!

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