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Jan Zuen

Paderborn, Germany Deep House Chill Out Electronica Indie Dance / Nu Disco +2

This is the official profile page of the german Deep House DJ "Jan Zuen".

The History of Jan Zuen goes back to 2009. At that time, there where huge influences of UK's Funky House in electronic Music, wich inspiered him, and finally, let him become a DJ. As time drew on, House music became more and more commercial, but this was not in his mind.
At the same time, there was a very deep Vibe comming back. All that Soul, and all this rhythem, packed together with very a simple, but imperessive bass line inspiered him to go new ways, and so Jan turned to be a Deep House DJ in 2011.
After working in some really small Bars and Clubs, Jan got more and more Bookings, and at least, had to play there the whole night, which was another new experience, and a competition as well. Jan Zuen soon found something beatiful in playing alone the whole night. For him, it was very interesting and very cool, to have his own structure through the whole night, and to try several styles in music and mix them.

Jan Zuen does all the work, selecting tracks and mathing them together, to create something special and new, on his own. He allways tries to create positive feelings in his Sets. Therefor, Jan is allways looking for new ways to match tracks.

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