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Jackers Revenge

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Jackers Revenge are Patrick Koops (a.k.a. Delicious) and Adri Blok (a.k.a. Block & Crown). They first met in 1999 when Patrick was looking for a company to start his label with. He got in touch with Adri who, at that time, was working for Lube in The Netherlands. After a successful start and 10 awesome releases on World of Dance Records, Patrick moved on to find other challenges.
After a couple years apart the two teamed up again and found back the chemistry they had once before.
Currently Adri is the main inspiration for creating tracks, while Patrick gives feedback, distributes and promotes the label. Patrick is also the one performing at the DJ gigs while Adri joins him from time to time.
Having decades of years of experience in the music industry and as DJ’s, Jackers Revenge is
guaranteed to please the crowd and that is what it’s all about!


Jackers Revenge - Games
Jackers Revenge - The Trust You Have
Jackers Revenge - Is it Love?
Jackers Revenge - World Go Round
Jackers Revenge feat Flat 45 - Good 4 U
Jackers Revenge - Made For Eachother
Jackers Revenge - U Know What To Do!


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