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Reggae / Dancehall / Dub Chill Out Hip-Hop / R&B Trance +7

Live Act ItaloSafari ft. Mantracadabra 2012

Live in Bakony Festival 2012 - Sunday 8th of July
Live in Sziget Festival 2012 - Friday 10th of August - decks open at 13.00
Live In Ozora Festival 2012 - Sunday 12th of August - Live at 00.30

ItaloSafari is an Open Live Social Media Project by JBlasta (

Eklectik Ambient, PsyDub, Experimental, PsyBreaks, Suomi, Chill, DownTempo, Live Vocals...Sonic Lands

ITALOSAFARI is born in mind and soul in the DANAKIL desert in Ethiopia... is an Endless and Aeteral Musical Journey into the elements of Fire Magma Air Earth and Wind

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