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Berlin, Germany Techno Tech House Deep House
For booking requests: johannes[at]

I am IOAKIM SAYZ. I've dedicated myself to music and consider its significance absolute and inviolable. If you want to learn more about me, just listen to my music because music is my voice and everything else a distraction.

I regard the music business as too artificial, inflated and one-dimensional. Consequently I break away from as many current conventions within the scene as possible and try to become as independent as possible instead.

You can still find IOAKIM SAYZ releases on various labels via the common sale platforms. Nevertheless future releases will be available predominantly via my Bandcamp page, completely autonomously with no labels involved. Why? Because I believe an independent distribution allows more creativity and diversity when it comes to the production of music... and innovative and rebellious minds is what the music scene needs the most!

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