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New York, NY, USA Dance Hip-Hop / R&B Dubstep Electronica / Downtempo +1

InsertFX was created on late 2016. It's a Dj duo focused on Bass Music like Trap, Hybrid Trap, Future Bass, Dubstep, Twerk, Moombah and others.

With two djs/producers, InsertFX have won the Internet with their first remixes. As soon as they released their remixes, everyone started following, reposting, liking and asking who is InsertFX?

Behind the fancy helmets we can find two young boys who have dreamed and now are living the dream. Full of positive vibes and with a clear view of their future, InsertFX is here to stay.

Both are from Latin America but they decided to travel to United States and try their luck! Recently they moved to New York and started giving promotional CD's and USB flash drives to random people.
Also they went to many clubs and left more promotional content.

After releasing their first remixes on their social media, everything started to grow! Now they are doing their first tour in Latin America before they start with the U.S tour.

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