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Utrecht, The Netherlands Minimal / Deep Tech House Progressive House +3

Immanuel (Jan-Willem van Noord, born 29th of august 1984) grew up in a very musical environment. His parents listened to music from artists and composers such as Erik Satie, The Beatles, Beethoven, BB King, Gregorian choirs, John Denver, and the sorts. This encouraged him to pick up any instrument he liked. Growing up, he started his musical career playing the accordion.
During high-school, Immanuel wrote and directed several school plays. Inspired by creativity he initiated, organized and played a role in many musical events. He spent most of his time playing the drums and the keyboard.
After high-school, Immanuel studied the histories of the theater, movies, television, dance and art at the University of Utrecht. Since 2009 Immanuel started to compose his own songs, using computer software like Propellerhead Reason, Ableton Live, Adobe Audition and Native Instruments Traktor Pro. In 2012 he finished the master education of art-history. Composing then became Immanuel’s main focus.
Although his music could be classified as ‘Techno-music’, Immanuel does not like to label his music as such. The music is generally created from a concept or an idea. Immanuel has composed many songs. He uses any topic, concept, idea or feeling that he finds interesting enough as an inspiration to create a sound that he finds meaningful.
Immanuel’s musical compositions can be described as a sound trips. It’s his goal to take the listener through the land of all possible emotions and harmonies, as he tries to create sounds that will enter the soul en leave something behind.
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