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France Techno Minimal / Deep Tech Tech House

*Techno producer & Organizer of electronic music events with MELTING SOUND
*Owner of L'Ostra Club

Imecka was born in 1972 in eastern corner of France. His first Dj name was Draco in early 1990s when it begins to play in Clubs. At this period he discovers the first raves of the time and his musical influences are the Detroit Techno-house. Imecka starts music production in 2007 and it creates his association Melting Sound, organizes electronic music events and plays alongside Laurent Garnier, Stephan Bodzin, Mod3rn, Max Cooper, A-Brothers, Mowree, Oliver Huntemann, Daegon, Agoria, Popof, Paul Nazca, Oxia, Kiko, Scan X, Dustin Zahn, Woody Mc Bride, Electric Rescue, Maxime Dangles, Traumer, Nicolas Masseyeff and more... Since 2010, Imecka has signed several Techno E.P on various labels such Dootrecords, Lord Musik, Finish Team Records, Poker Dust, VK Label, Five Star Digital, E-Onrush...

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