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Iman Rizky

New York, NY, USA Techno House Indie Dance / Nu Disco +3

Absolutely, Deep, Groovy & Sexy! Iman Rizky’s sounds keeps many wanting more. His endless energy penetrates throughout the night, from the bar overflowing to the dance floor. As he lays one track after another, Iman creates a tight helm at the deck, drawing the sea of people into his musical journey. Let’s explore.

Iman Rizky first established himself, not as a DJ, but as a promoter for legendary venues, like Limelight, The Tunnel and Palladium during the dominant club scene of the late 1980s. Later realizing the potential to capitalize on the opportunity, he partnered up with his two best friends from high school to form Bunz Culture. As much as Iman had enjoyed his joint venture with his friends, he always had his heart set on pursuing his life-long passion music. Hence, DJ Iman Rizky was born.

Bred on house beats stemming from the early 80's & 90's, Iman Rizky absorbed the transcendental musical experience every weekend at Red Zone, The Tunnel, Limelight’s Disco 2000, Sound Factory & The Legendary TWILO. With this in mind, Iman was able to experiment in developing his own unique sound to call his own. As a result, a level of maturity has arisen in his performance.

Iman is the Master of Ceremony for leading his audience on a thrilling and ravishing roller-coaster ride. The momentum begins with perpetual minimal groovy beats, stylistically layering it with melodic sounds, driving towards twisted tech house and a trip into deep, dark techno. Building on this continuous cycle of higher peaks and lower valleys, Iman's musical performance solidly elevates the mind, penetrates the body and satisfies the soul.

His constant motivation, desire to please and ability to bring people together to enjoy great music have made him one of the most respected and innovative DJs of today’s music scene.

Iman Rizky has arrived expect the unexpected!

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