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Italy Indie Dance / Nu Disco Techno Deep House +2

I-Robots aka Gianluca Pandullo began his d.j. career in the early 80s playing the various genres of Black Music that included Funk, Disco, and African Rhythms, with a personal interest in Krautrock, Cosmic & Electronic Music and these roots actually are still evident in his Techno and House Music oriented selections.

Over the years he has promoted many musical styles; he has played d.j. sets that included the rhythms of Soul, Jazz, Funk and Latin, as well as everything that has derived from them: Hip-Hop, House, Acid-Jazz, Trip-Hop and Drum'n'Bass.

I-Robots is also an avid collector and trader of vinyl.
He was a journalist, reviewer and also an active promoter working with the biggest and best-known names in every musical scene.

His skills and experience in every musical environment allow him to create a truly original and alternative d.j. set, with influences that find inspiration in the various styles of House & Techno Music, incorporating traces of "Freestyle", Electro, Deep, Ethnic, Jazzy & Dub; all of it meshes perfectly with his innate ability to read the crowd and create an instant mood.

Since 2008 his independent records label project Opilec Music is conceived with a 'No Sound is Too Taboo' ethos genuinely insightful music experience and a testament to his creative work...

The New Guard Of The Old School...

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