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Disc jockey Hugo Pereira blends a mix of energetic music, a vibrant contact with the audience, smooth mixing techniques and high quality audio. Inspired by the local psychedelic movement, Hydra grew up a personal collection has a result of being in constant connection to music stores and international artists he met. Since the begining of his carreer he has been with Psyart label in 2012 joined to a new label called Panmusic records. Up to today, Hydra played for all major portuguese promoters in Portugal, played in clubs around the country like Europa, Alcantara, Via Lactea, Domus, Latina, Muralhas, Estudios Nirvana, Kin, Bergantim Club, Golfinho, Tuatara, Space Garden and more. He also played in Festivals like Blissful and Freedom and In 2011, Hydra is giving is first international steps with gigs in Spain at the Sol Festival and at Club Showtime in Rotterdam.
Throughout the years, Hydra has been warming up dancefloors for international artists such as Gms, Space Tribe, Alternative Control, Xsi, Vibe Tribe, Sun Project, Azax Syndrom, Bliss, Animalis, Ananda Shake, Freaked Frequency Bizzare Contact, Talamasca, Absolum, Sesto Sento among many others.

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