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Hurmet Ilus

Tallinn, Estonia Progressive House Electronica / Downtempo House +5


Hurmet Ilus aka Dr Ilus is a DJ & a producer who was born in Estonia on 15 October 1984. He started his musical career as a solo singer and he has sung in a quartet and in different choirs. He also restored pianos for a few years in Tallinn. In the late 1990s he discovered electronic music. Since 2005 he began Dj-ing, and he mostly plays deep house, tech-house, techno, minimal drum and bass and dub step. He has been playing in clubs and festivals all over Estonia. Moreover, he has played in Latvia, Sweden, Germany and Spain. He is the owner and manager of the following events: GaragreUnLimited, Still Out and Ka Pow! Since 2012 he has his own radio show called Still Out on Xltrax-Estonia; the show is broadcasted every Sunday at 10 to 11 pm UTC+2.

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