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Chris Santana

Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain Chill Out Electro House Techno Progressive House +6!/DjChris_Santana

When he was just 14 years old, he started to become acquainted with the vinyl, only two years later his mixing board (o mixing desk) and him turn into one.
Though by then the musical styles that he likes was:Trance, metro and electro...He was soon seduced by the new european sounds, 'neutral sereno' with: Minimal House, Deep, Tech House ...
He start with your style projection CLUB DANCE-HOUSE, letting the musical staves.
At the age of 19 year, he is claimed as a 'DJ' in different places and biggers of the world, it was in 1999 when he continued his career
making a tour around the most important cities of the music: CARACAS, BOGOTÁ, CANCÚN, NUEVA YORK, (among many others...). Cities where he is leaving his own brand.
His great passion, commitment, emotion and love for the music brought him to study communications and musical production.
In 2004 he has taken a leap forward to go to Barcelona city (Spain) to continue his career and to start a new one as producer. Two years later he settled in the city of Madrid, where he decided to establlish his residence.
In 2010 he decided to work with a great influential dj-producer on the 90s in Spain, to form a group that later it would be called (2DeepDj)
Though in the past he has been known by several nicknames, one of the most popular for his job has been DJ CHRISTOPFER.
But now he has decided to eliminate the abbreviation ‘DJ’ (which was part of his name) and now he has been known like ‘Chris SANTANA’.
He used a new name also for his remix: SANTANA RMX AkA Chris Santana.
At present, in addition of his career and his dedication of 16 years of experience and new cities as for instance: Caracas, Bogotá, CAN CUN, Nueva York, Barcelona, Madrid, Mónaco, RIO DE JANEIRO, Punta Cana, Milán, París, Roma, Londres, Miami ...

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