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Many years , months, days ,performances and musical experiments has passed since the moment of my birth - 3d of November, 1985, before project Asaga appeared . My name is Aleksandr Butskiy.

Everyone has got their own creative development , the same as my story and everything that influenced on me as becoming Dj and Producer repeats the stories of thousand other musicians in many ways. But at the same time it's very unique and may be deserve to have a film by its scenario [:)]

Everything began with a project "Agraba", where me , together with Azamat Murzaev , started our own musical experiments . By 2010 yeah Asaga was born and now this "musical child" grows up and gets stronger . Its first achievement became a track called "Close your eyes", which was noticed by Luciano (Cadenza rec.) Due to this, Asaga became famous outside of Russia.

By 2012 the number of releases started to increase and it seemed to be in the borders of one project absolutely impossible for me . So Days of Funk appeared. The second project wasn't also gone unnoticed by "Hed Kandi Records" with the track "Dreams Da". Both projects are actual, and my music in them is well connected with the general trend in electronic music, which started more and more to gravitate to the tune of house, deep and nu-disco ...

Original Mix:

Asaga - Pressure Of The World - "Highway Records"
Asaga - Honey Girl - "KDB Records"
Asaga - I Am Sympathy - "KDB Records"
Asaga - Harmonic - "KDB Records"
Asaga - People Government - "Dexstrous Trax"
Asaga - Pitch Control - "Dexstrous Trax"
Asaga - Help Me - "Dexstrous Trax"
Asaga - Berline - "Dexstrous Trax"
Asaga - Close ur Eyes - "Dexstrous Trax"
Asaga - To Come Home - "Dexstrous Trax"


Techno Animals - Expire The World (Asaga Remix)
Nikki Noek- I Wanna Cry (Asaga Remix) "NOPASSPORT"
Marvin Zeyss - I Dont Know (Asaga Remix) "Highway Records"
BarBQ - Inability To Speak (Asaga Remix) "Highway Records"
Sergey Sanchez & Thierry Tomas - Keep U Happy (Asaga In The Box Remix) "Highway Records"
TrockenSaft - Alone (Asaga Remix) "Revolucion Records"
Agraba - iMerica (Asaga Remix) "Highway Records"

Days of Funk:

Days of Funk - Boooooom! (Original Mix) "What's In The Box Records"
Days of Funk - Nu Robots (Original Mix) "What's In The Box Records"
Days of Funk - I Dont Need You (Original Mix) "What's In The Box Records"
Days of Funk - Free Soul (Original Mix) "What's In The Box Records"
Days of Funk, Asaga - Feel Light (Original Mix) "DEXTROUS MIAMI WMC 2012"
Days of Funk - Dreams Da (Original Mix) "Hed Kandi"
Days of Funk - All Right (Original Mix) ''Dextrous Trax''
Days of Funk - Dance School (Original Mix) ''Dextrous Trax''

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