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Dj Bass@n

Lisbon, Portugal Electro House Progressive House

My name is Miran Bassan, I am dj since July 2010 and my musical style is electro house. I started playing with software for djing, then started playing at parties at my school, I met a + skills and learned some techniques and scracht beatmaching. I traveled to Brazil and went to tour the Holy Spirit, I played there in To Cool, but I could not play in more events because the date of passage for my return to Portugal was before the date of the other events that I would work, I returned to Portugal and took courses in music production and djing Dancefloor learning various techniques of mixing and music production, played in two events organized by + Skills, also was present in Lisbon in Motion and I intend to work briefly in nightclubs and bars in Lisbon and when he returns Brazil I intend to continue my career there.

i shared cabin with Rian Trancoso and DJ Nucleo

I've played in To Cool, + Skills, Lisbon in Motion and Secondary School Passos Manuel

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